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The Talking Head Vibrator features advanced, state of the art vibration functions.  The rotation function can be continuous, increased, decreased or in a loop sequence.  The vibration speed ranges from slow to fast and offers variety of frequencies in between.  The Talking Head also allows users to change the mode of vibration.  Below is a list of specific user functions:
  • Mode 1 - Rotate continuously, by pressing the vibrator control, it increases the frequency of vibration.
  • Mode 2 - Rotation, automatically increase rotation speed and then decrease rotation speed.   Play in a loop of sequence of increasing and decreasing frequency of rotation.
  • Mode 3 - Rotation frequency will increase automatically.
  • Mode 4 - Two tempos of vibration frequency, 1 x Fast and 2 slow rotation frequency (i.e.'High frequency' which lasts for  approx. 4 seconds and then changed to 2 times of 'Low frequency' which lasts for 1 seconds), to change the vibration frequency, user can press vibrator control button.
  • Mode 5 - similar to Mode 4 but with 1 x Fast and 1 x Slow rotation frequency

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