The Talking Head vibrator is the next generation of adult products to offer extreme customization, state of the art design and CD-quality audio that can be downloaded or custom-recorded by users for a new dimension in pleasure.

Invented by a woman, Talking Head is a full-function silicone rabbit vibrator that lets users indulge their intimate fantasies with the voices of sexy strangers or record their own fantasies for the ultimate in customized pleasure. Users can also send personal voice messages over Internet and download them via email into a custom voice recorder.

Or, simply leave the sound off and enjoy an exceptionally quiet yet robust vibe experience. MORE>>

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Announcing the Talking Head MP3 Series™ with 32 megabytes of RAM. See us at the
Erotica LA Show,
June 23-25 at the LA Convention Center.

The Talking Head MP3 vibrator enables users to download dozens of fantasy lover voices, create their own audio fantasies or even load their favorite songs or audio clips. It comes with a built-in recorder, USB port and cable, headphone jack and CD-quality speaker in the base. The silicone shaft is removable for easy cleaning with soap and warm water.



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