April 2006
Another breakthrough in adult products:
The Talking Head MP3 Series

APRIL 2006
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NEW YORK--With 32 megabytes of RAM and built-in USB port, the new Talking Head ™ Vibrator MP3 Series is a breakthrough in audio-enhanced adult products.The state of the art silicone rabbit style vibrator gives users the ability to download dozens of fantasy lover voices, record their own audio fantasies or even load their favorite songs or audio tracks.

“The Talking Head MP3 Series is the next step in our product evolution and is revolutionary in giving our users maximum flexibility to program their Talking Head with rich audio,” says Cheryl, the inventor of the Talking Head and Managing Partner of My Little Secret LLC. “Not only does this rabbit talk to you, it can play your favorite songs, too.”

“This is undoubtedly the most fascinating and unique vibrator this reviewer has ever stumbled upon,” says Nicole Powers in the March 2006 issue of Adult Novelty Business. Talking Head will also be featured in The Sex Bible:The Complete Guide to Sexual Love by widely recognized sex journalist Susan Crain Bakos, to be available October 2006. It has also been featured on “Night Calls,” a nationally syndicated radio and TV program from Playboy Enterprises; check local cable listings.

The MP3 Series model comes with a built-in recorder, 32 megabytes of RAM, USB port and cable, headphone jack and CD-quality speaker in the base. Users will be able to download dozens of fantasy lovers, male and female, from a growing library of audio clips (available at talkingheadvibrators.com) which also includes a number of famous adult entertainment stars. Users can also record their own audio fantasies directly into the unit, or remotely record audio and email to the user for download via USB port.

The Talking Head MP3 Series is designed and manufactured to extreme quality standards. Like the original Talking Head, the rotation function can be continuous, increased or decreased. The vibration speed ranges from slow to fast with frequencies in between. Talking Head also allows users to change the mode of vibration and has a separate control for the rabbit. The finely sculpted silicone shaft is removable for easy cleaning with soap and warm water.

The original Talking Head Vibrator, patented and launched in January 2006, was hailed as the most significant new product for the adult novelty market in a decade, offering interchangeable pre-recorded audio chips of fantasy lovers plus the capability of letting users record their own fantasies.

The Talking Head MP3 Series will be widely available in stores and online May 2006. (end)

MY LITTLE SECRET LLC 2903 Russell Boulevard St. Louis, MO 63104 USA

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Saturday, December 31, 2005

From the Men-are-one-step-closer-to-becoming-sexually-obsolete file comes the Talking Head Vibrator ...

As you can read from the info at the site, the apparatus consists of a vibrator (which comes with pre-recorded dialogues. The device also gives one (perhaps the woman’s lover) the option to record his own voice on it for future playback.

I wrote a previous entry about the Highjoy Internet Enabled Rabbit which allows a person to maneuver his/her female partner’s sex toy via the web (I‘m still not completely sure how that works exactly). So to some degree, one can feel as if one has some control over a lover’s orgasm.

Now - with the advent of Talking Head - you don’t even have to be that hands on. All you have to do is send your voice file via email with the right file extension, and your favorite woman will take care of the rest.

I have to admit, this is one toy as a guy that makes me a little jealous. Up until now, I’d never been threatened in the least by a standard dildo or vibrator . After all, women - a lot of times - are all about the emotional experience of sex, and how the orgasm-provider (that sounds so technical and uninspired, I know) makes them feel inside. And 6 to 12 inches of plastic, rubber, latex, glass, or Cyberskin couldn’t offer anything in the way of emotional attachment that I couldn’t compete with.

But now with this little gizmo, a lot of women will - consciously or sub-consciously - make the mental connection between both sexual bodily satisfaction and mental/emotional pleasure. The bottom line is that if my girl were to have this, she wouldn't need me or miss me as much. :(

Although, I’ll have to admit, a couple of those foreign language voice-overs sound very convincing - and I don‘t even understand any of those languages! I wouldn’t blame a girl for getting hooked on those sound chips . You don’t believe me? Listen to some of the samples here. My favorite is Latin Lover Juan.

What’s next? Where is technology going in the evolution of the female adult toy experience? The next thing you know, there will be a bedroom ceiling attachment consisting of two big biceps that lower at the touch of a button (conveniently accessible from your night stand, no doubt), and engulfs a woman in its warm, muscular embrace.

But, as I said to all the ladies in my review of another sex device called the Thrillhammer , the Talking Head won’t cuddle with you, nor will it kill that spider for you, nor will it change your kitchen light bulb. So there... posted by Don_One at 8:44 PM 1 comments

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2005 ST. LOUIS, MO December 23, 2005 — Need some volume from your vibrator? No problem.

St. Louis-based My Little Secret has rolled out the Talking Head Vibrator, an audio-enhanced rabbit-style vibrator.

The Talking Head works with an integrated chip recorder at the base of the vibrator. Users have the option of either recording messages directly into the chip recorder or sending private recordings via email for subsequent downloading onto the vibrator.

The Talking Head, which will retail for around $139.00, also offers several pre-recorded fantasy chips for $19, ranging from Jean Philippe (French boy) to Juan (Latin lover) to a girl-on-girl scenario with adult star Courtney Cumz. The company also sells a custom voice recorder for $59.

Talking Head managing partner Jeff Klearman told XBiz that the company, which also is the sole distributor of Tongue Joy products, has seen decent sales orders. “We've already sold two containers,” he said.

Klearman said that the company plans to release three new high-tech sex toys in the first quarter of 2006. “One will be a mp3 vibrator,” he said.

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ONLINE 22 December 2005 – Dan Lyke comments on the Talking Head Vibrator.

Talking Head is the first of its kind vibrator that delivers audio as well as physical sensation—offering different sound chips for different moods, and with the ability to record a voice yourself with a recordable sound chip, coupled with a state of the art silicone vibrator with “rabbit” feature that brings an extra new dimension to your sensation.

Hey, anyone wanna switch the sound boxes in these with some other talking toys? I'm envisioning "Math is hard…” And the first person who makes a "hard to speak with your mouth full" line on this topic that doesn't feel entirely forced gets mad props.


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WTF Online 22 December 2005 – My Little Secret LLC announced the launch of their new

Talking Head Vibrator, a rabbit style adult toy with a voice-recorder chip embedded into the base.

Instead of pleasuring oneself with a steady buzzing drone, they can record their voice (or someone else's voice) into the vibrator, and enhance their experience with audio.

Recording your own messages is done through a special recording device. The chip, referred to as a "cartridge key" or “Custom Voice Recorder” is inserted into the device, press a button and then you start talking. You can also produce audio files, e-mail them to someone, which the recipient can download into the recording device.

The company also sells prerecorded “Audio Fantasy Chips” ranging from Jean Philippe (French Boy) to Juan (Latin Lover) to a girl-on-girl scenario featuring adult actress Courtney Cumz.

Just in time for Christmas.

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BUZZ ONLINE - 22 December 2005 – OMFG—my talking vibrator idea taken!

This is unbelievable! I have told several people this idea. You folks at Hustler can back me up, that this has been an idea of mine for while—In fact I originally wrote about it I think 3 years ago and now someone has released one...a talking vibrator!... their implementation is a bit different than mine - (gotta love new technology), but it's the same thing I was thinking!

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ST. LOUIS MO - 21 December 2005 – Lovers separated by distance stay connected.

Lovers Separated by Distance Stay Connected

ST. LOUIS, Dec. 21 /PRNewswire/ -- My Little Secret, LLC introduces the Talking Head Vibrator, the world's only audio enhanced vibrator. The Talking Head is a rabbit-style vibrator with an integrated chip recorder. Users have the option of either recording messages directly into the chip recorder or sending private recordings via email for subsequent downloading onto the vibrator.   Rather than listening to that same old buzzing noise, users can listen to their lover's voice coming from the speaker at the base of the vibrator. The Talking Head also offers a variety of prerecorded fantasy chips ranging from Jean Philippe (French Boy) to Juan (Latin Lover) to a girl-on- girl scenario featuring a popular adult actress.   Add some audio excitement and extra stimulation to your love life with the Talking Head Audio Enhanced Vibrator. The Talking Head is made of silicon, which cleans easily and may also be shared safely after cleaning. Beyond being safer, silicon makes for a great sex toy because it more effectively retains body heat and transmits vibration better than other materials. Visit https://talkingheadvibrators.com for information on the entire line of Talking Head product or call 314-629-5987 for more information. Talking Head is a registered trademark of My Little Secret, LLC and is covered by US Patent numbers 6,356,626, 5,425,078, 5,570,414 and 5,490,206 with additional US and foreign patents pending. Beyond Talking Head, My Little Secret has three (3) new high-tech sex toys in the final stages of development to be released in the first quarter of 2006.

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