To make a recording directly into the unit (Direct Record) the user will simply insert the cartridge key into the Talking Head™ and press and hold the REC button while speaking into the mic. The Red LED light will illuminate while the recording is being made and will go out when either the user stops pressing on the REC button and finishes the recording or when the capacity of the recorder chip is full.

Helping Image  To download a recording sent to the user in an e-mail (or e-mail with a link to the Talking Head™ site and a dynamic page which includes the audio file) (Remote Record) the user simply inserts one end of an audio patch cord (we can supply this with the Recordable cartridge package, if you wish) into the audio jack on the side of the cartridge key and the other end of the audio patch cord into the audio-out (or headphone) jack on their PC or MAC. Then they simply click on the linků so that it plays, and the audio will be automatically programmed onto the recordable cartridge key. The Red LED will be illuminated during recording.


The random number generated by the page is .

1. Be relaxed, have fun—this is not a job interview.
2. Take a risk—be creative.
3. Personalize your recording—call your lover by name or pet name.
4. Be descriptive, your not there so create a fantasy with your voice.
5. Don’t malign your partner—stay positive, don’t be mean or negative.
6. Be giving—focus on your partners desires, not your own.
7. Speak slowly and clearly—don’t whisper, it will sound fuzzy and distorted.
8. Create new messages using more than one chip for different moods and occasions.
9. Reminisce—you can never go wrong being romantic.
10. Don’t be degrading towards your partner—it only promotes unhealthy sexual attitudes.

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